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Bad Advice for Marketing Business

The Worst Marketing Advice Ever – Hire an “SEO” Company (FAIL)

That’s it, websites and internet marketing crap doesn’t work! At least that’s what it feels like most of the time. As the internet is changing faster than ever we have to deal with an overload of information from sources like Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. but the real question is what does that mean to businesses […]

Business Report Card

Who Is Business Report Card?

Business Report Card was started by four business owners who were tired of watching countless businesses be ripped off and scammed as they were sold “marketing” that never really seemed to do anything or make any sense. Our founders came together and put together the Patent Pending Business Report Card software that scans all of […]

  • By Josh Harris
  • In Design
  • Posted on December 14, 2016

What Is a Mobile Website and Do They Work?

Remember the old warning on VHS videos that told us the video “was formatted to fit our screen?” Well as technology changes so do the formats. In today’s world practically everyone owns a cell phone, I have read statistics that 95% to 98% of functioning adults own and use a cell phone at any given […]


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