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Explained by Sean Christlieb

If you have had success with pay per click advertising you may be wanting to expand your advertising efforts even further. Many of our clients have asked me “what can we do on Facebook to get more sales?” Setting up a business page and writing engaging posts is the best way to get started, but if you are not getting the results that you would like. The next step is paid social media advertising, similar to PPC but contained within a social network. Today I am going to cover what you need to know to really get the most out each penny you spend on Facebook.

How Many Customers Can I Reach?

When it comes to reaching customers Facebook is king because of their huge user base. There are 1 billion registered Facebook user’s worldwide and of those 699 million user’s login to their account daily. You certainly can reach a ton of people no matter what type of business you run. What you need to make sure of is, that you are targeting the right prospects to make money with advertising.

Facebook’s Advertising Formats

There are 3 different formats that they offer to help your business get in front of the right people.

  • Online sales
  • Local stores
  • Mobile apps

I will cover each of these formats in more detail so that you can make a decision on which type of social media advertising will be the absolute best fit for your business model.

Online Sales Format

These ads are also known as a Page Post ad, that invite a user to “Like” a specific business page. This will look very similar to the posts that you see in your news feed from friends. The difference is that the ad will have an option to “Like” or “Buy Now” on the advertised page. The ads are dispersed with other posts and updates that are seen in a user’s new feed. Variations can be created to include information from your sales pages. Or other pages in your website that can inform prospects of the services you offer, specials you are running, or even a lead capture page for setting up appointments or gathering emails and phone numbers.

Local Stores Format

These will look like traditional advertisements that we are all used to seeing everyday. If your business is looking to get customers into your store then you need to give them directions to your store and entice them with an offer. This will show much smaller than the online sales format. These ads will appear to the right of a user’s news feed. Most of the time there will be a group of similar advertisements that appear together. If you have used Google Adwords in the past, you should be familiar with the way ads are displayed on Google’s search results page. Local Store ads will be laid out very similarly in Facebook.

Mobile Apps Format

For business owners that have create a mobile app for Apple’s iOS or Android this is a great way to encourage users to download your app to their phone or tablet. These will show in a user’s news feed in a group that can be navigated by swiping left or right. Depending on the users habits on Facebook the most fitting apps will appear in their news feed. There are subcategories of ad types that advertisers will fall within:

There are subcategories of ad types that advertisers will fall within:

  • Inline Like ads
  • Event RSVP
  • Sponsored Page Like Stories
  • Sponsored App Action Stories
  • Sponsored Page Post Action Stories
  • Suggested Place Check-In Stories

I will cover these in more detail in the coming days. If you are ready to take the next step in advertising your business, or have questions. Reach out to our business growth specialists using the chat link on the right hand side of this page during business hours.