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Explained by Sean Christlieb

For your small business to thrive you need to find a marketing strategy that is cost effective and will generate sales. You may think “what marketing methods are cost effective for my business?”. For most businesses, especially those that provide a service, the best way to drum up business is word of mouth. This cannot be bought. You certainly can encourage existing customers to leave rave reviews and encourage friends and family to stop in. Some owners will even offer a reward to any customers that refer a new customer. You need to be in tune with what your customers need to truly develop a marketing strategy that will work. Each industry and market is different but there are a few constants that ring true for any small business, that is trying to acquire new customers.

What is My Client’s Main Concern or Problem?

The majority of searches being done online now come from a mobile device, for your business’s marketing to truly be effective you need to have a mobile app style website that will convert prospects into paying customers. This will allow potential customers looking for you online to see your business properly on every device out there. To really get your prospects attention you need to focus on their primary concern. With everything that you do you including marketing, websites, landing pages, even down to conversations with customers. Client acquisition is about identifying a problem that your customers have, and a way for you to solve that problem. If you are a HVAC shop in the middle of winter you need to appeal to the clients that  are are cold because their heater has gone out.

Highlight your Expertise

Customers want to work with the best and most experienced business. You have to be able to separate yourself from the competition to capture your ideal clients. No matter what you sell: tires, accounting services, hair cuts, or anything else. You need to be able to give prospects good advice time and time again. By doing this in your marketing and advertising those prospects will eventually come to you for services. No matter how long you have been in business you are an expert in your field right? If you weren’t, you would not be in business. When you have a meeting or phone call with a client you educate, and help them solve a problem. Do the same in your marketing, if you can educate prospects they will come to you to spend money. This also helps increase your referrals. Every business owner knows this is the absolute best type or marketing.

Once You Have a Customer Retain Their Business

To keep customers coming back for more you need to reach out them again to offer new services or annual offers. Keep giving your customers more! You hear all the time that it cost 5 times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to keep an existing customer. You have to engage your existing customers through social media, email campaigns, and direct mail to keep them engaged. You will save money and generate more revenue by keeping customers coming back for more. Speak with and really engage your customers and earn their business for time and time again. If you are unsure on what the right marketing strategy is for your business the professionals at Business Report Card can help. We offer the consulting and know how you need to attract new customers, and continually engage with existing customers. Contact a business growth specialist today or feel free to read more about us.