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Explained by Sean Christlieb

What is a social media manager anyways? Most business owners that I speak with have one of two thoughts about social media marketing. They have either set up their Facebook page and Instagram account and feel that is all that needs to be done. Or they don’t think that social media can produce the right prospects for their business so they don’t even try. Both of these thoughts are wrong and are preventing you from reaping the benefits of social media. Without the right direction and management of your social accounts you will miss out on engaging with customers that will buy. So the questions is “Do I really need a social media manager?”, and the answer is Yes! Unless you plan to spend hours each week to stay up to date on this rapidly changing marketing strategy, and no business owner wants to do this. Your time is very valuable and you will see a much greater ROI from working with a professional that is well versed in how to effectively market your business on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What Qualifications Should My Social Media Manager Meet?

Now that you have made the decision to hire someone you need to make sure they are qualified to handle your needs. First they need to have a strategy, each business has different products, clientele, and goals. Without proper direction you will not see the benefits of social media. Your posts, images, and offers need to be targeted to the potential customers that you want to attract. Selling a shovel on Facebook would be much harder than selling make-up but it certainly can be done with the correct strategy. Secondly your social media manager needs to be well versed in the sales process and customer service. You cannot simply put up a picture of a item or service you offer and expect the sales to start rolling in. You have to build a following to ensure that the right people are seeing your content and engaging in a way that generates sales. There are millions of posts each day from businesses that simply don’t get a response and just get lost in readers news feed. If you are working with the right team of marketers you can do less posting and get a better response from each post.

Save More Time & Generate New Business

By not having to spend time to manage your social media accounts or watch over someone that is you will have more time to do what you need to keep your business running smooth. I have talked to so many owners that think a young kid can manage their social media marketing because social media is a “young person’s game”. That couldn’t be further from the truth. A social media manager needs to be well versed in social advertising, have an aptitude for writing, know how to create a sales funnel, and be customer service orientated. That can only be learned over time and choosing the right company makes all the difference. To learn more about the different options that Business Report Card offers check out the Social Media Marketing page on our website. If you have not tried social media marketing in the past or are tired of doing the leg work yourself, start working with a company that knows how to create effective marketing plans for any type of company. We use a simple 3 step strategy to get you started quickly and then manage and monitor your accounts for maximum results. Follow our articles and blog to stay up to date on what is changing in the online world.