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Explained by Sean Christlieb

Am I Ready for Pay Per Click?

Everyone has heard of pay per click advertising, but you may ask yourself “is it right for my business?”. I hear so many horror stories about business owners who have dumped tons of money into pay per click advertising, but didn’t see results. For those people I have one simple word “conversions”. Sure the idea of getting hundreds of people to your website is fantastic but you need to capitalize on that search traffic to make PPC worth your time and money.

What Does Converting Visitors into Customers Mean?

Converting customers is simply not about getting visitors to your website. Your website has to be prepared to handle the visits, and convert those visitors into paying customers. You can have the biggest sign in the world in front of your business but when customers come through your front door and there is no one there to greet them, or they can’t find what they need. That sign did not generate sales for your business. Many business owners that I speak with think because they can be found online or they are getting traffic to their site they are doing what they need to. To truly affect your bottom line you need to be able to convert internet traffic into paying customers. Back to the initial question “is PPC advertising right for my business?”. The simple answer is yes, but you need to make sure that once you are paying to get traffic to your website, that traffic is generating sales.

Preparing for Pay Per Click Advertising

You need to ask yourself a few questions before starting any PPC campaign.

  1. Is my website fully mobile compatible?
  2. Can visitors find the information that they need to become a paying customer?
  3. Can I properly track the sales from my PPC campaign?
  4. What is a realistic budget for my business?

It’s almost 2017 and now more searches are being performed from mobile devices than from desktops and laptops. The number is now over 60%. If your website is not fully mobile compatible you can spend all the money you want on PPC, but when visitors get to your website on a mobile device it will not appear properly. The first step in preparing for PPC is to make sure that you have a mobile app style website with a click to call and click to map button. Without that functionality your website will not convert. No matter what business you own, you need to have your information accessible to customers when they first get to your website. If you plan to spend money on getting traffic to your site, it better make your business money.

Tracking Sales to Make Sure PPC is Working

Depending on the type of business that you have tracking the sales coming from your PPC campaign can vary. How many times have you spend money on marketing and didn’t track what that marketing did for your bottom line? You need to have Google analytics setup to ensure that you are able to track the sales from your pay per click advertising.

Selecting the Right PPC Manager

Selecting an individual or company to manage your PPC is a big decision. You need to make sure that you work with someone that can set realistic budgets for your campaign, to get your company results. Without sales you cannot produce the ROI that every business owners needs from pay per click advertising. If your website is not ready to handle PPC because it is not fully mobile compatible, your information is not displayed prominently, or anything else that would prevent visitors from converting into paying customers.  To learn more about getting started contact our Business Growth specialist today to learn more.