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Explained by Josh Harris

Rest In Peace SEO

Proof of what to expect in 2017 from a real SEO Expert

In the past 12 months I have received more calls and emails  from clients and people that I’ve worked with in the past than ever before, asking me if I can help them with their SEO because the company that they’re working with is going out of business or has stopped responding entirely. In this article I am going to share with you my thoughts on why SEO companies are dropping like flies and real SEO Experts working with real advertising agencies are all that is left standing.

Why SEO Companies don’t work…

SEO Companies Aren’t doing what ACTUALLY matters.

These days any fast talking sales rep can sound like they know what they’re talking about when they throw around words like citations,  listings,  pending verification’s, and absolute doom. Sales reps are trained to answer the basic technical questions with answers that sound fantastic but through massive data mining and real life experience we find that business owners never really get the results they feel they should be. None of these individuals are real SEO Experts on any level instead just well trained sales reps.

“Well Josh, this guy isn’t a sales rep he works for a marketing company or she’s my friend who has been doing this for years with her blog..”

Honestly, I’ve heard them all and I know this is blunt but the only thing I can say Is; that doesn’t matter. In my experience working with thousands of clients and hundreds of their “current marketing teams” I have found that MAYBE 1 in every 100 customer service or sales rep has any real life experience or can come close to calling themselves an SEO Expert. Instead they are all regurgitating what they learned in that mornings training because that’s what sounds good!

What DOES matter?


Results matter and how to tell if you’re getting any.

The first reaction every business owner has to conversation about results is “I’ll know when the phone rings.” The problem with this is that in 2017 people don’t ONLY call and most business owners are horrible at asking how their customers find them. Add in the fact the customers don’t really know where they are searching to begin with and that they “just hit the button” business owners rarely have an accurate way to gauge how they are actually being found.


Who’s winning and why.

SEO Expert Advertising Agency

The answer will shock you: The basics…

The biggest complaint I hear from business owners trying to market themselves online is that it is too overwhelming or they don’t know where to start. Well I can give you some advice on that. If you want to show up somewhere like in a Google or Bing search try by starting with an account and setting up a username and password. With Google this is typically a Gmail address. With Facebook you would start with a Facebook account. Most business owners feel so powerless when it comes to figuring these things out that they never even try or look for the instructions on how to get started. Keep in mind that Google, Facebook, and other companies like them wouldn’t be multi-million or even multi-billion dollar companies if they made it difficult to figure things like that out.


Getting It Knocked Out


Everyone needs to start somewhere so I suggest making a list. What searches are going to matter the most to your business and where does your business benefit the most from appearing? Keep in mind that every business is a little different. Some business owners might see the best results coming from their Facebook posts being shared around or even boosted with paid advertising while another business type may get more results from more consistently hitting their email list with better offers and newsletters or showing up higher in the searches for specific keywords.


Don’t hesitate to ask questions and do plenty of Google search for what is working in your industry. When people ask me how I learned to get on the top of Google I always tell them the truth, I Googled it.  Give it a go, you’ll be surprised. Here are some of the other questions I get asked often:


How much time will it take to complete the checklist?

This is a matter of resources, time, and skill. Obviously being highly involved in a marketing firm I believe that you should have this type of work done by the professionals where you get the most value out of your investment. If you plan to learn these parts of your business and manage them full time that is always encouraged but just keep in mind the time requirements. If you only put in a few hours a week that is all you will get out of it.


There’s more!

How To Tell Real Vs. Fake!

One question I run into all the time is “What about the calls from Google?” The straight forward answer is Google only has a few number of small call centers and they do not call you unless you have an active Adwords account and are spending at least a few hundred dollars per month with them. If these teams do call you they identify themselves as calling from Adwords and they will know your account information. If someone is calling you for an “Update” they wouldn’t be doing it for free. More importantly Google doesn’t offer Phone support for Google services unless you request it. Bottom line, you would know if it were Google calling you because you would know what they were calling about. This is like the identity thieves who ask you to verify your information. They wouldn’t ask for it if they already had it.


Final Thought

What I do to rank, track, and improve visibility on my own websites

Again starting with the basics can create amazing results. Keep your information online up to date and fill out as many of the blanks as you can inside of your various social media accounts. Be sure to ask for reviews and involve your new happy customers in your growth. People love to show off their results, trust me. Check out my success stories page, it’s loaded.